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The Annual Meeting of the 18th Infantry Regiment Association will be held at 9 am on Friday, August 9, at the Millennium Hotel in St Louis, Missouri.  The agenda for the meeting will include: welcome and introductions, SITREP by the Honorary Colonel and the Honorary Sergeant Major, recognition of DMOR and HMOR, reports by the Treasurer and the Membership Secretary, 2007 bi-annual election of Association officers, and a presentation of the Combined Arms Battalion concept by LTC Christopher Beckert.  The 18th Infantry will become a Combined Arms Battalion upon it’s return to Ft Riley early next year, and LTC Beckert will assume command of 1-18 IN at that time.  LTC Beckert is also bringing his Command Sergeant Major, his Battalion Ops Sergeant and his Company Commanders.  This is a NEW concept for Infantry battalions – it is different from anything known to most of us – so be there to learn about it from the soldiers that will do it and welcome them to the 18th Infantry family..


The reunion banquet is held Saturday night.  Prior to the banquet, at 6 pm, we will have a special meeting in the 18th Infantry CP to bestow the Order of St Maurice on several deserving members.  The Order of St Maurice is a prestigious award of the National Infantry Association to individuals deemed to have made a significant contribution to the Infantry community.


The 18th Infantry CP (Hospitality room) will be maintained during the entire reunion.  It is the place to meet and greet old foxhole buddies, make new ones, and relax in a comfortable setting with snacks and beverages available.




 Once again, I would like to take this time to give a  BIG THANKS to EVERYONE for your help and contributions to the  CP. With out you our CP won’t have been so successful. KEEP-UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

   I’ll be looking for any ideas, contributions and Volunteers regarding the CP. Of, course we’ll keep the 50/50 as a fund raiser. Any other ideas for fund raisers are welcome, Special Thanks to Denny Sullivan for the VV knife and to Mrs. Becky Binkley for the lovely throw. Again, Thank You to Everyone. And remember to find any old buddy and bring him. I have Regimental Coffee Cups for sale. Great holiday gifts. They are going for $10.00 each plus S&H. Let me know how many you want. Take Care & hope to see everyone next year.


Bob Callahan, Vice President, Cal4416@aol.com







President –                    Larry Van Kuran

Vice-President –            Richard “Jake” Jacobs

Vice-President –            Bob Callahan

Treasurer –                    Jim Stone

Secretary –                   (Vacant)*


* (Larry Van Kuran has served 10 years as Secretary of the Association.  There were no candidates for Secretary when Larry was elected President.  It was agreed that Larry would continue to fill that role until a suitable candidate could be found and trained in his duties.)



2007  BRO Reunion


The 2007 BRO Reunion is scheduled at St Louis for August 8 -12.  As usual, the 18th Infantry Annual Meeting will be held on Friday morning and the grand banquet on Saturday night..  Don’t miss it.  Let’s fill the CP and again have the most and the best there..


For information, please contact Jennifer Sanford, 1933 Morris Rd, Blue Bell, PA 19422.  Ph: 1-888-324-4733.

E-mail: soc1ID@aol.com or www.bigredone.org











Wow! What a reunion! For those of you who could make it to St Louis this year you know what I'm talking about. We had our biggest turn out ever with probably a dozen first time attendees who I hope had as good a time as I did and will want to keep coming back each year. They "officially" announced that the 16th Infantry had the most in attendance, allegedly beating us by two people but I saw at least six people in that crowd who appeared to be from the local homeless shelter. You can never trust the 16th Infantry, them being a eastern regiment in the Civil War where they learned many, many bad habits. Actually they were given the attendance crown because they arranged for the free beer that Budweiser provided to all the Regimental CP's. Let me see, free beer or having your unit named, oh so briefly, at the dinner? Free beer it is!


On a more serious note, LTC George Glaze has given us several snapshots in his comments on what life is like in Iraq. Whether you agree with the war or not, we are all immensely proud of our regiment's soldiers continuing to push forward in the incredible heat and confusion of urban battle. They remain focused on the mission to try to provide stability to the people of Iraq so that they may have a better life. That they took in stride  the additional three month extension of their combat tours to fifteen months instead of twelve months is a tribute to their patriotism, professionalism and fidelity. Those of us who have had combat tours need to reflect a moment on just how hard that must have been to take and admire them all the more for their steadfastness and courage. The absolute same can be said about their families.


As we approach the holidays and the battalion's return to Germany, we will coordinate with the battalion to see what support we can provide to the families and soldiers to ease their transition from combat to stand down status, and to provide for any families that may need a little extra help. If you are considering making a donation to the Regimental Fund in order to help out, this would be the time to do it.


They have yet to announce where next year's reunion will be, but I know we will have the most in attendance again unless the 16th can pull the free beer scam again. I hope to see all of you there! May God bless all of you, and I thank you for your service to our Nation..


In Omnia Paratus!


Bill Chamberlain, Honorary Colonel, 18th Infantry Regiment




Mike Binkley


 To all you 18th Inf. Vets out there,, This is some very good information for you all to see.. You will all be invited to Ft. Riley in the near Future to be the guest (VIP) for the reflaging of the Regiment...I am inviting as many of you and your wifes to attend as can make it..It will be a very fun filled trip and you will be treated very well by out active duty soldiers..I will keep you informed as more information comes to us...Pass this along to as many of our members as you can..... Duty First,,, Mike


From: "Beckert, Christopher H LTC


Sir/CSM: Thanks for an outstanding experience at the BRO reunion. I've been to 1CAV and 25ID Divisional Association reunions in the '90s, and they pale in comparison.


Thanks to the 18th Regimental Association for the kind introduction. We plan to extend an invitation to ALL members when the re-flagging event is scheduled to sponsor any Vanguard Vet that can attend, to include:


--Tour of the HQs and Facilities

--Tour of the Virtual and Live training areas on Fort Riley*

*(We're going to re-dedicate Range 7, which is named for an 18th Infantry Regt DSC-winner)

--Static Displays of all Combat Equipment and Systems

--Reception at Commander's Quarters for all attending Vets

--Invites as VIPs to the 3BCT Reflagging ceremony

--Memorial Wreath-laying at Fort Riley Cemetery

--Dinner-Dance for all VETs and members of the Battalion


Thanks for your dedication to the Society, to the Association, and to the Vets as Retired Soldiers. We'll be staying in touch,


Chris Beckert



Commanding, 1st Battalion, 41st Infantry





A Memorial List of our 18th Infantry fallen soldiers for this tour in Iraq appears on Page 7.





American Iliad – The 18th Infantry Regiment  in World War II – Written by Robert W. Baumer, with Mark J. Reardon.  This is an outstanding book about the exploits and achievements of the 18th Infantry Regiment during WWII. Orders may be placed directly with the publisher by telephone at 866-265-9063.  A portion of the proceeds go to the 18th Infantry Regiment Association.  This story should be read by every American.








18th Infantry News from Iraq


[Editor’s note: The 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry deployed to Iraq in August 2006, arriving in sector in Baghdad in September.  Thus far, 20 Task Force 1-18 IN soldiers have been KIA and a larger number wounded, many of whom recover and return to duty.  No official word yet, but we hope they are home by Thanksgiving.]




To the Regiment: In Baghdad, the word is HOT. The heat is amazing and the fact that your Vanguards are out in sector, in combat, with 80 plus pounds of equipment, with 130+ degrees in the turret of the Bradley, Continuing Mission, is even more amazing. The leadership of NonCommissioned Officers have maintained their Soldiers, focusing them on never relenting, never forgetting why it is we are here. And from the Regiment comes your continued support in e-mails, phone calls, and newsletters. We thank you for your professional service, your caring support, and your continuing professionalism by showing us how to continue mission after the combat. In sector, each company has grown accustomed to living on their Combat Outposts with most Vanguards not wanting to leave their âⓊ̃company clubhousesâⓊ™ to come back to battalion on FOB Falcon for services like laundry and maintenance. The Independence Day BBQs were awesome, with quite a few Grillmasters found throughout the battalion. And back at Schweinfurt, most ladies took advantage of the Summer months to get back stateside to visit families.


For all reading this, please know that your Vanguards Know No Mission Too Difficult!




To the Regiment: And this month’s word is HOT. Just a continuation of the HOT. The surge operations have benefited Baghdad with pressure placed on many areas. Our Mortar Platoon, Hammer, has been given a special Quick Reaction Force Mission for all of Baghdad and we all feel better with fellow Vanguards at the ready. The Reconciliation Process that CPT Rob Summers began in the Sunni Sector of Radwahniyah from COP Ellis is now spreading into the city. Such close cooperation is forcing all to come to the table to negotiate how to have representation âⓊ“ in security and in essential services. Is quite remarkable. The Vanguard Soldiers know that CounterInsurgency Operations are won by building relationships, and throughout our sector, we are doing just that.


For all reading this, please know that your Vanguards Know No Sacrifice Too Great!




To the Regiment: As the heat begins to lessen, the mission remains “to enable a secure environment that allows the Rule of Law to be enforced. And your Vanguards remain focused, even with discussions of Advanced Parties and Container Inspections for redeployment beginning. This past year has been a tough one, has been a long one, but we have grown together as a family and the boys know it. We are having few enemy attacks and are beginning a more concentrated effort on Reconciliation” with sectarian violence lessening and more Shia & Sunni cooperations increasing. Your continued support as the Vanguards head into the fourth quarter is appreciated.


For all reading this, please know your Vanguards Continue to Put Duty First!


LTC George A. Glaze, Vanguard 6, commanding 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry (TF 1-18IN, Baghdad)




In Memorium to our Fallen Brother!

SPC Christopher Neiberger

C - 1 - 18

KIA 6 August 2007









First, I want to sincerely thank everyone for their support in electing me President of our Association at our recently completed St. Louis reunion.  I am both humbled by, and keenly aware of, the responsibilities of the office I now hold.  While I know that I have big shoes to fill in following George Gentry, who has done a truly superb job over the past 10 years, with his and other’s help those shoes will be filled well and effectively.


Transitions.  The coming 12 to 18 months will see big changes for our active duty unit. 


Reflagging and change of units:  As you know, the current 1-18 INF in Schweinfurt, Germany will be reflagged as the 1-41 INF and the current 1-41 INF at Ft. Riley will be reflagged as the 1-18 INF. 


Combat deployment: The new 1-18 INF at Ft. Riley will probably deploy to Iraq next year. 


To continue our long history of meaningful and effective support for our active duty 1-18 INF soldiers, our Association will need to deal with at least two issues:


Establishing solid links and working relationships with our new 1-18 INF at Ft. Riley.  This began even prior to our recent reunion in St. Louis.  LTC Beckert, who will become CO, 1-18 INF when the 41 INF is reflagged at Ft. Riley, has been in close contact with us.  Both he and his Battalion Command Sergeant Major, CSM Smith, attended the St. Louis reunion to get a personal look at, and feel for, our Association and how we function.  LTC Beckert was extremely pleased with what he saw and with what he has learned about us, and looks forward to working very closely with our Association.  This is a very, very good thing (we’re smiling broadly here).


Maintaining our relationships with and support for our current 1-18 INF soldiers in Schweinfurt, and helping bolster morale as they transition to other units.  Think about the significance of those changes for a minute, especially from the perspective of the morale of our current 1-18 INF soldiers, many of whom have served in combat with their unit for two tours in Iraq.  One minute soldiers will be with one unit, the next minute they will officially be part of another. 


This is perhaps our toughest task, one that will prove our Association’s metal, and a task at which we really need to do our best.  Our job, yours and mine, former 18th Infantry Regiment soldiers one and all, is to add another ‘streamer’ to our Regimental colors here.  One thing we need to accomplish is to make certain that our current active duty 1-18 INF soldiers who have served in combat understand that, regardless the unit in which they find themselves, they will always be 18th Infantry Regiment soldiers with us – that they have a legacy -- that they have comrades in arms -- always.


Membership.  At our St. Louis reunion in August, our Association reported about 250 dues paying members.  That’s a pretty low number, especially considering the level of support that we will need to bring to bear regarding changes with our active duty soldiers outlined above.  Our Association’s Vice President-Membership, Richard ‘Jake’ Jacobs, and I will be mounting an increasing aggressive recruiting campaign over the coming 12 months.  We will be targeting all former 18th Infantry Regiment soldiers, especially those who attended the reunion and their friends who may not have attended. 


Of particular note, we have seen an increasing number of 2-18 INF Viet Nam Veterans joining our Association in the recent past, and we want to give a special thanks to Brian ‘Smitty’ Smith and Roger Lyons for their help in this respect.  Now we need the 1-18 INF groups to step up and keep up.  Guys, we have a ‘vacancy’ on point. 


Together, as a group, we can do far more than we can separately.  We were together on active duty, we need to be together now in pursuit of our common goals -- supporting our active duty soldiers and their families.  Our Dues structure is $30 for 2 years.  Make check payable to ‘18th Inf. Reg. Assn.’  Mail to:  Larry Van Kuran, 6378 Jamieson Ave., Encino, CA 91316-6414.  Also, come to our reunions.  Bob Callahan, runs a great CP (hospitality room). Thank you, Bob, and all those great folks who help you.  You just can’t beat getting together with fellow 18th Infantry soldiers and veterans.  We  are ‘family’, and when you are not there we miss you – it’s special.  This is where our new combat soldiers connect with their past.  And this is where we remember our good times together, and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 


Larry Van Kuran, President

18th Infantry Regiment Association










            Delta Company (Rear) in Schweinfurt, Germany has been concentrating on many projects and tasks to promote the heritage of our esteemed Regiment and to prepare for the return of the Vanguards from Iraq in the coming weeks.

            Vanguard Week will be held tentatively during the early part of January 2008.  Several events will be included, and all former members of the Regiment are welcome.  This week will celebrate the unit’s success throughout the course of the latest deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the dedicated work of both the Soldiers and family members in Germany.

            The events will include the unveiling of “Spearhead of the Attack,” by artist James Dietz.  This work is based upon the battalion’s efforts, and those specifically of SSG Walter Ehlers and his squad, during the Normandy Campaign.  This amazing oil painting honors the tremendous valor and sacrifice of the men of the 18th Infantry Regiment.  A small amount of limited-edition prints, personally signed by Mr. Deitz, are still available for purchase for the amount of $75.00.  If interested, please contact 1LT Joshua D Buchanan at DSN 09721-96-8364, 011-49-9721-96-8364, or joshua.d.buchanan@us.army.mil.  Make all checks payable to the “1-18IN Officers’ Fund.”  We appreciate your support!




Membership renewal   Please review the mailing label on your newsletter.  The date after your name is the year in which your membership expires.  If the year after your name is 2007 (or before), then your dues are due.  If you believe that the date is not correct, please notify Larry Van Kuran, 6378 Jamieson Ave, Encino, CA 91316.  Phone: 818-427-1577.  Email:  vankuran@ix.netcom.com.




Volunteers needed: We need volunteers willing to work on the following tasks: 2008 Organization Day at Ft Riley, Assn incorporation, IRS non-profit status, and  Life membership program.  If you have any experience or expertise that could help accomplish these tasks, please contact the President, the Honorary Colonel, or any Association officer (see web page for address, phone, and email contact  info).




18th Infantry Memorabilia  is available.  18th Infantry ball-caps, Golf Shirts, unit crests, lapel pins, belt buckles, and more!  Profit from the sale of these items provide a substantial addition to our treasury.  These items are usually for sale at our reunion CP, but they can be ordered by phone, mail, or email. Contact Larry Van Kuran, 6378 Jamieson Ave, Encino, CA 91316.  Email: vankuran@ix.netcom.com




Battalion Web Page  http://www.1-18in.2bct.1id.army.mil/.  – for recent pictures and commander’s messages. Also the 2nd Brigade web page has lots of good information: It is -- http://www.2bct.1id.army.mil/  – which publishes monthly “The Dagger’s Edge” with information about each of the units in the Brigade, including 1-18 IN..




DMOR/ HMOR and the Infantry Order of St Maurice


The Distinguished/Honorary Member of the Regiment (DMOR/HMOR) and The Order of St Maurice (OSM) are very special awards, which we often have the privilege of presenting at our reunions.  However, in order to receive one of these awards, a person must be nominated.  That means a written nomination has to be sent to Larry Paul, the Executive Director, or to the Honorary Colonel or the Association President.  There are criteria and a process for each of these awards, which any of those listed will be happy to explain.  The deadline for nominations is usually February, at which time all nominations received are vetted and forwarded to the appropriate authority for action.  Comments have been made about why some get these awards and others do not – it is usually because someone took the time to nominate the individual, while nobody bothered to nominate that other deserving person.  If there is someone you think should receive one of these awards, please take the time to write up a nomination and help this process along.  There are plenty of deserving people in our organization.  Let us see to it that they are recognized.  For information on DMOR/HMOR, go to the web site and look in the old newsletter file for January 2006 and scroll down to the DMOR article.  For information on the NIA and the Order of St Maurice, please visit the web site:  http://www.infantryassn.com/awards.html















	George Gentry, Editor
	1331 Hackett Ave
	Long Beach, CA  90815











18th Infantry Print by Jim Dietz


Picture depicts the action of SSG Walter Ehlers in Normandy, where he received the Medal of Honor

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